Conversations to conversions

When companies look to social media as part of their commerce solution, they usually focus on how it can be a direct conduit from the company to its customers or help new consumers weed through different options. A few companies have seen that social media can be more than that. They’ve moved into the realm of shopping via tweets, Instagram and Facebook comments. Now, new services are enabling consumers to transact directly through their social feeds, buying, selling and paying with one comment on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

This is a new area, and so far there are only three big players:

  • Soldsie is a company that enables US merchants to sell items via Facebook comments.
  • Stipple lets US retailers create shoppable, shareable images that they can post on Facebook.
  • Chirpify enables companies to sell via hashtag through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter comments.

But Chirpify have gone one step beyond traditional social engagement—they have jumped into the TV advertising ring.

This Sunday during the Grammys, Chirpify teamed up with Oreo to make hashtags in TV ads into an activation engine, not just a conversational tool. OREO had a unique hashtag in their Grammy ad (or what Chirpify call a “hashtag–activated TV ad”). If a consumer tweets that hashtag, she will get a package of new OREO flavored cookies before they go on shelves next month—cookie dough or marshmallow crispy.  And the results were tremendous. OREO sent out 20,000 free packages and were almost out of stock even before West Coast aired the Grammys.

Chirpify is a great way to engage with customers and give them tangible (and delicious!) value to the tweets they send out while watching the Grammys. But this goes beyond selling a product or conducting a unique giveaway. By using social to sell, brands and agencies are able to better understand the social profile of their customers and access deeper data while getting direct revenue and amplification of their content in the process.

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