Smart Sell 388 Cars In Three Minutes

Just how advanced is mobile commerce in China? Take this case study: On social app WeChat a few months back, 388 Smart cars sold in three minutes in a flash sale. People also made 1,751 down payments for Smart cars and sent in 6,677 sales queries.

Ogilvy Public Relations Beijing worked on the Smart campaign, through advertising and social content. Separately, it also helped out as Chinese internet giant Tencent raised enough donations in one week to build 120 sports fields for kids in rural China, through storytelling that spurred people to share the campaign, and through a hassle-free donation button on WeChat.

Everywhere, PR agencies are taking on roles that go beyond traditional  public relations. But there may be an even wider range of opportunities in China, which is the world’s largest smartphone market, possibly already  the biggest e-commerce market and soon to be the leading economy.

Read full article in on Ad Age’s Women to Watch China 2014.

Tencent’s CSR campaign to build sports fields in rural China.




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